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Zubrick’s Rock


Multimillionaire recluse Barry Zubrick's tax exile in glamorous Monte Carlo is threatened when the police revoke his residency permit.

So Zubrick, who always wanted his own country, plots to overthrow the picturesque principality.

With the assistance of a former CIA official, Zubrick schemes to seize Monaco "legitimately" by tracing a descendant of the Spinola family, which briefly ruled the principality over 700 years ago--and installing him as the true prince.

Enter Gerry Spinola--dentist, gambler and alcoholic from Hoboken, New Jersey—and the only heir Zubrick can dig up on short notice. Zubrick cuts a deal with Spinola to become his puppet.

Stirring a retired general and a band of soldiers-of-fortune into the mix, Zubrick assembles the ingredients for a coup d'etat.

Taking Monaco is easy, he reckons. The problem is, what to do about France, which is pledged to protect the principality's rule.

Brimming with comedy and suspense, Zubrick's Rock is swiftly paced with outrageously offbeat characters, starting with the paranoid Zubrick himself.

"Outrageous. Exciting. Mr. Eringer knows Monaco well and makes it a real backdrop for fantasy and fun!"
William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence
"One of the best thrillers I've read in thirty years. A prime example of how a fine novel of suspense should be written."
Stephen Longstreet, best-selling novelist