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Spookaroonie:  A Jeff Dalkin Novel


After experiencing a mysterious vision, high-tech billionaire Jim Riddle is on a mission to find the truth. He is offering mega-buckas for the REAL story behind everything from UFOs to the Kennedy assassination.

Enter Jeff Dalkin, an ex-FBI agent who suffers from Tourette's syndrome and looks exactly like Bruce Willis. Hired by the secretive Harvey Kimbach to fulfill Riddle's request, Dalkin soon finds his life complicated by a second assignment.

The assistant director of the FBI has a problem, and Dalkin is the solution. Former CIA official Miles Stohlman has turned up in Havana, suffering from paranoid delusions. Has he been kidnapped? Is he a traitor? Dalkin must risk life and liberty to find out.

As events reach a climax, Dalkin finds more questions than answers. Why is Kimbach so evasive about the source of the data he gives to Dalkin? Is Riddle hiding a secret of his own? What shocking revelations are contained in Stohlman's diary?

Spurred on by visions of huge financial rewards, Dalkin becomes the target of a global manhunt, with the CIA, the FBI, Cuban intelligence agents, and Libyan thugs hot on his trail.