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Crinkum Crankum A Jeff Dalkin Novel


A serial terrorist is on the loose. A struggle between FBI and the CIA ensues over who can catch him. A freelance government operative is on the job. He has Tourette syndrome and looks exactly like Bruce Willis. It gets even zanier.

When agents from the IRS appear, two divergent stories become hopelessly intertwined. The recalcitrant characters revolt and fight for primacy, and a reluctant author is forced to arbitrate. He uses the opportunity to have some fun of his own.

Crinkum Crankum is a thriller that takes a sharp twist into surreality. This is an unusual, outrageously funny yarn that plunks the traditional novel on its spine. It may be a metaphor for something. Certainly, CRINKUM CRANKUM is one writer's brave attempt to wave his pen as if it were a magic wand.